A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Survive the relentless fishing net by swiming as a fish through the reef.

Everything made by a one-man team, myself. Models, textures, programming, music… and sound effects (using only my mouth)!

Made for the Godot Wild Jam #41.

It seems third time's the charm. I did not submit my work on the last two jams, as the scope was way too out of hand.

Smaller game, but I tried to polish it. Did not have time to implement an options page, though.

Satisfied by the result, especially the swimming! - that's the most important part.

Have fun and thank you for trying my game. Let me some comments down below!

Open source

I made the source code of my game available!



PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAdam Scott
Tags3D, Godot, Low-poly, ocean, PSX (PlayStation)


fishy_flee_64.exe 70 MB
fishy_flee_32.exe 69 MB
fishy_flee.x86_64 71 MB
fishy_flee.x86 72 MB
fishy_flee.zip 37 MB
html.zip 13 MB

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You have a real talent ! This looks amazing. I don't understand why you were ranked only 5th in Graphics... they have no taste or what

Collisions are a little bit buggy though ^^

Awww <3

Collisions are not that clear, that's what I got from the feedback of everybody. The algae walls are one-way gates. The shadow below determines the way of the gate, but it's cryptic as heck in retrospect.

Fun game! I didn't make it very far due to my lack of skill, but I enjoyed what I was able to play. I loved the music and sound effects! Good job with the graphics, too - that fish definitely has the blank stare of terror. I did seem to notice a bit of a pathing bug which was unfortunate.

Hi! Thanks for your comment! I watched your stream and, yeah, I made my game challenging, the least I can say.

In fact, the seaweed wall is supposed to work like a one-way gate. You can pass through the side with the big shadow, but cannot return once passed. So, where you clipped through the wall and died, it's by design.

The obvious bug that I missed due to time constraints is the fish disapearing when holding shift or space without WASD.

And the boxes are much easier to pass if you dash through with E.

Thanks again for playing, it was really fun to see you go through my game!

Thanks for sharing!